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  1. Painting As A Compliment To A Prayer

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    Here's one of my latest paintings:

    Title: He Prays While Watching Over Us

    Size: 38.5cm X 50.5cm
    Medium: Acrylics, oil pastels (mixed media), Collage, glue, paper maché
    Ground: Stretched Paper


    This painting is inspired by the greatest inspiration of all, Jesus Christ and those verses in the bible that depicts him as a great teacher of prayer and peace, constantly watching over us (and still watching). Looking back & ahead of my life, I realize that someone is not only watching over me (us), but also, he is constantly advocating for me and all that is mine. 

    I filled the sky and the background with symbols of life and growth, with the five houses in the bacground represents the continents of our world. His robes I painted in regal and life colors (because he gives life & is of royal priesthood) and repeating the textures of the sky too, further enhancing his link to life, power, and growth. Every color, every stroke, and every texture focused on his radiating energy. I also delibrately stylized his hand, making it larger in proportion to his body to depict the enormity of his task while at the same time, showing his capability to undertake such a task.

    I poured a lot of my heart and emotion into making this,  and I was thoroughly satisfied with the end result of my efforts. The feedback about the painting has been huge! Comments and group awards on my favourite art site, RedBubble  has been very inspiring.

    It came as no surprise then that this painting was nominated by the Lozells Methodist Community Centre as the theme image for the mission in Britain’s, national advent prayers for 2013. The minister of the church kindly asked for my permission to use the painting as a compliment to the prayers for the work that the centre was doing in the community.

    I was very excited when I got the link to my work on the Methodist.org.uk site. See for yourself how my work looked alongside the prayer…


    You can see the pdf file here: http://www.methodist.org.uk/media/691752/mission-in-britain-additional-advent-prayers-201112.pdf

    This came soon after I had done a one day workshop with ministers of the church at their annual Methodist Birmingham District Synod held at The Public<add link>. The workshop involved me and Bob Cooper (a minister of the church and award winning poet) delivering a workshop that challenged the participant’s visual, creative, and writing abilities. And how this ability could be used to, creatively tell the story of the good news. You can see photos of that workshop on my facebook page photo album: Creative Art Workshop 2012