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Artist’s Statement

My work is an attempt to present the subjective and symbolic aspects of our humanness. I’m inspired by feelings, imaginations, expressions, and identity. Although my style is personal, it is strongly influenced by the concept of a mutually beneficial merger of the symbolist and expressionist movements. I am influenced by the work of Gustav Klimt, Egon Schiele and Edvard Munch with whom I share a common philosophy – to express emotion. These influences combine strongly with those of ancient African art. And this manifests in my use of line, form, colour and composition. I utilize allegories and employ symbols to entice the viewer to derive and develop an intense consciousness of self, of things seen and unseen.

"Art speaks, it informs, and reveals beyond what the eye sees or is captured by a photo. All my work is, my attempt to document and to take away the superficial and to, reveal the deeper aspects of human nature".

-Eddy Aigbe May, 2017.

Email: artist@eddyaigbe.com
Instagram: @thedeepartist
Facebook: @eddyaigbeartist