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  1. Is Subconscious Painting Possible?

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    I posted a painting of mine that was a work-in-progress on my facebook page  and, I got quite a huge interest via comments, likes and private messages as a result of who the painting looked like at that stage 

    Which got me thinking…?

    Do or can artists paint subconsciously?

    Oh, and just in case you it wasn't obvious enough, the portrait was a look alike of David Beckham.

    Now back to my query…

    I googled, 'do painters paint subconsciously?' and, the only interesting thing I found was something about a subconscious painting workshop. The organizers made the claim that, at a subconscious level, we already know everything. And went on,  to define subconscious painting as,

    The act of freeing the artist from reality by allowing the artist to just paint on the object (i.e, the canvas) and focus on the object and, to paint based on intuition and to create based solely on the subject.

    Extra ordinarily, I paint like that a lot and I must confess that some of my best abstract and surrealistic work have been as a result of subconsciously painting (going by the above definition).

    So the answer to my query is a definite yes, because I can paint subconsciously too. Hopefully, I should be able to show you how I do it too.

    Here's the finished painting by the way, which was painted in a sort of subconscious way…


  2. My paintings, By The Inch – Angels

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    My mixed media and acrylic paintings, I feature quite a lot of angels, in different forms and sizes. I find them very symbolic and representational.They are for me, excellent forms of conveying:

    • A messenger, or a message(s)
    • Divine presence and/or awareness
    • Purity
    • Love
    • Faith
    • Courage
    • Compassion
    • Perseverance
    • Interrelating
    • Renewal
    • Protection
    • Illumination

    They act as a middle ground between the higher and the lower realms of my paintings. They're also used to convey a feeling of being 'lifted' by the spirit and creating a feeling of hopefulness or as a sign of having faith.

  3. In The Artist’s Shoes 1

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    In The Artist's Shoes

    This is a place where I will be putting you in my shoes, the painter's shoes. Where my everyday (or weekly) life effects and is affected by art, my art & the ones around me.

    I have been waking up very early of late, primarily thinking about the direction that my art is going. I wake up most times thinking that it should get better but, how? Well I have come to the awareness that I do possess good technical skills but, we all know that you have to be doing something unique to get your paintings to gain any notice by the art world and art collectors.

    So lately, I have been doing some evaluation. I've been studying my work historically and tallying it with my experiences and influences (mind you, the known ones). And since it's spring, I want to do some self cleansing from inside out, some well needed re-focusing is a dire must at this point.


    Watch this space, I'm going to have to review the results in a couple of months with my findings