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  1. Why do I keep painting & making Art?

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    Me Painting

    Because I have a passion and love Art. It feeds the senses and it highlights beauty that cannot be viewed ordinarily.

    It has boundless possibilities and shows how creative we are and can be. It excites, mind, body and, soul. Art beautifies and informs at the same time.

    Art is an expression from within the self. Yes, it is a means of self expression. That, transcends boundaries and it's versatility, gives people the agency to imagine, and create.

    But I find myself deviating from the question, why do I keep painting and making art? To put it succinctly, I paint for that moment when and after physically producing a painting, I look at it and I get the, “yes, this is right, this is art” moment.

    This and only this, above everything else, is the reason why I paint.