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  1. My Art, the internet, And Social Media Experience

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    My Art the internet, And Social Media

    I use the internet, social media tools and platforms for my art (like a lot of visual artists do) to market my work, show it to the world. Artists like myself, utilize social media tools and platforms for three major purposes,

    a. Seeking out inspiration for new work;

    b. For exposing my skills via completed work & work-in-progress;

    c. And, for marketing my finished artwork

    I mean let’s face it, you would be hard pressed as an artist not to use it. And from a visual artist’s point of view, I constantly visit and use the internet and especially, social media almost daily to be able to get inspiration for my art, show case my abilities, and to market my product.

    Inspiration, Exposure, & Marketing My Art

    I currently use the following social media tools and platforms for my Art:

    Eddy Aigbe – Artist @edy4sure
    I started using twitter a couple of years ago, and I visit and post a couple of tweets everyday. My primary reason for using twitter is for gathering information about interesting and career building events in the art world, getting to see work-in-progress and finished artwork photos of other artits that I follow. I also use it as a platform to showcase my current art works and progress updates to keen followers. Another essential for me is having an app called “twicca” on my phone for keeping up with twitter updates & twitting while on the go.

    Eddy Aigbe Artist/Painter

    My facebook page, is used to show my work to the facebook community and any upcoming events that I may have like exhibitions and/or workshops. On the side, I also use facebook as a way to get ispired. All that is needed is spare time and using the search box and discovering links to other artist pages on facebook. Simply click the like button, and you will be given a fantastic feast of great art plus getting constant updates about the artists and events that they may be doing. Another advantage of my use of facebook is, the ability find facebook pages of galleries liking them thus, keeping me in the know of when there maybe an oppurtunity to participate in an exhibit and/or to be represented. Oh, and I also use a facebook app on my phone to use if needed while I’m on the go.

    My Art Website


    After the need for having my own art based website hammered into my head by friends, and colleagues (Okay, I got the point guys), I registered my art website early this year and proceeded to quickly use a free template from wordpress for it. Unfortunately, I soon realised that I needed something more personal to suite my specific needs. So recently, I got a cracking website designer by the name of David Tims  who has whiped up something well beyond my expectations. And as result, I have a cleaner, easily navigable, and fun to browse & use website.

    Here, I show case my artwork in my gallery pages, a blog  to tell people stuff about what I do (news, work progress, upcoming events, announcements, art exhibitions, workshops, tutorials, etc.). It has also been great place for potential clients and galleries to come and see my body of work and possibly commission me or represent me and to contact me with requests & enquiries.



    Redbubble is a diverse creative art community and marketplace that I’ve grown quite fond of, I have been gained quite a lot of inspiration from it since becoming a member in 2011. Here I post images of my work and I get constant feedback by way of comments, features, awards and support from individual artists and the various groups. I’ve also participated in various art workshops online and juried international art exhibitions through this artist’s social media platform which has lead to, more recognition of my work and also winning many prestigious awards through this privileged participation. There are also tons of awesome artworks on show here by artists that it would’nt have been ordinarily possible to meet in real life. It’s great place for an artist to share art, test the effect of their work,to be inspired, and to build self confidence.


    Blue Canvas

    Just joined this great site which I also found through some great artists in RedBubble, and like redbubble, bluecanvas is also an international, multi-genre, online community of artists and art lovers. Bluecanvas also has a magazine that is published quarterly. It shares the same qualities of RB but with (in my own opinion) a more user friendly site. Anyway, I’m still a baby here, and while keep you informed as to how I’m getting along with it as time passes.


    Tumblr is a great microblogging platform and social networking website for all genre of artists. I’ve been visiting tumblr for awhile now but only just recently did I get an account with them, so I have only one post there at the moment (but will have a couple more soon enough). I find tumblr to be an artists haven, beaming with so much creativity. I come here almost daily now to see what the talented people here have to share (with the hope of contributing my bit soon).

    I will be checking out, instagram, deviant art, and others that I will gladly share, so watch out for an update of this post soon.


  2. “The Public” Art Exhibition

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    “The Public” Art Exhibition

    My Painting Is On show At The Summer Art Exhibition at “The Public”

    I’m delighted to announce that my work, ‘The Symbolic Pride’  is currently being exhibited amongst other great works of art at ‘The Public’s  annual summer art exhibition. This collage and acrylic painting got selected from artists with a connection to the Sandwell region in the West Midlands, UK, who submitted close to 300 pieces of artwork to be considered for our third Summer Exhibition, which according to the organizers was, double the amount of entries from the previous year. (more…)